City Life Signs by Dugovic

City Life Signs by Dugovic

Diner Time 39x64Join us Friday, January 25th from 5:00-8:00 p.m. for an opening featuring two exciting artists and live music at the Motorland Gallery, as part of the Biddeford Art Walk kick off for 2013!

City Life Signs by Peter Dugovic is fresh and bold.  Big, raw, original works of vintage neon and painted signs captured in unexpected angles. Peter paints from childhood memories as well as from present experiences. His techniques are complex and result in scenes that are powerful and unique. There is however an undertone of anger and passion to the work that reflects the essence of his being.   With reflections from Jedd Dill.   Turn on the lights at

Plus Max Jones presents Suspect Device, ingenious handcrafted musical instruments made from repurposed retro objects.  Inspired by the instruments his grandfather built in the 1920s, Max will introduce beautiful three stringed guitars made from cigar boxes, license plates, and kitchen items.

Accompanied by the live music of Mike and Old Soul.

For more information, call Motorland at 2077106699

See you Friday night!