1956 BMW R69--SOLD (California) - $0

1956 BMW R69--SOLD (California) - $0

This 1956 BMW R69 VIN 652451 was built on February 29, 1956 and delivered to Butler and Smith on March 15, 1956. In June of 1986 it was purchased by ist current owner in Sanford, Maine. During subsequent years, this machine and its stablemate were used to travel the back roads of Maine and New Hampshire. Times and interests change, and the current owner asked us to service both this and his second BMW R69, making right any noted problems as we did so and assist in the sale of both machines. The frame and engine VIN's match. The steering head ID plate has been missing since the owner purchased the machine in 1986. The paint is in good condition and is either original or an older (prior to 1986) repaint. The paint and striping is certainly acceptable on a rider machine. The indicated mileage is 22,819 and may be actual. After a thorough washing and general look over, this machine was brought into our shop for the asked services. Services performed include the following: Draining of all lubricants and, after noting the quantity and condition of same, replacing the lubricants with the correct type and quantity of lubricants. Chevron Delo 400 SAE 40 engine oil was used in the engine and Rotella T1 SAE motor oil was used in the transmission, swingarm and final drive. The cylinder heads were torqued and the valves were adjusted. The right exhaust valve clearance was slightly loose and the other clearances were within spec. The carburetors were removed, degreased, and then treated to a 1.5 hour hot soak in our ultrasonic cleaner after which they were washed in hot water, blown out and dried. The carburetors are correct to the R69 machine. All internal components were inspected and, with the exception of the idle jets (which we replace routinely with carburetor rebuilds), found to be correct and in good condition. The carburetor mounting flanges were trued on a surface plate. The carburetors were then reassembled with new gaskets and reinstalled with new base gaskets. The aircleaner housing was cleaned and then reinstalled with a fresh base gasket and aircleaner element. The original magneto body with intact manual retard mechanism was removed, safely stored and replaced with a magneto body without the manual retard mechanism. The original manual retard mechanism with cable will be sold with the machine. Unless asked to not do so, we perform this replacement in any R68 or R69 due to the vagaries of the manual retard mechanism and the often times incorrect return to correct ignition timing after the use of the retard mechanism. The replacement magneto was disassembled, cleaned, bead blasted, and reassembled with new ignition coil, new ignition points, and new condenser. The magneto rotor was replaced with a remagnetized one. After installation of the remagnetized magneto rotor, the magneto body was installed. The ignition advancer was evaluated, found to be in good condition, lubricated, and installed. The magneto rotor was timed to the flywheel, after which the ignition points were gapped and the ignition static timed. New high tension leads were fabricated out of 7mm lead with wire core and zero resistance spark plug caps. New NGK B8HS plugs were installed with the new high tension leads. The generator brushes were short and stuck in their holders. After removal of the generator brushes, the generator body and voltage regulator were cleaned and new brushes installed. The generator armature commutator was polished and then installed. The now cleaned generator body was reinstalled. The clutch, front brake, and throttle cables were installed with fresh upper and lower boots on the throttle cables. The carburetors were static synchronized. A new harness was installed on the left hand high/low/horn switch. The aged and cracked solo seat top rubber and frame were replaced with a reproduction seat top rubber and frame. New foot rest rubbers were installed. The hand control perches were refinished and reinstalled. New hand grips were installed with a new left side bar end mirror. The high shoulder Weinmann rims are in excellent condition except for a small indent on the front rim. During service here both tires were replaced with Heidenau K34 3.50" x 18" tires. Heidenau or Metzler inner tubes were used and the wheels were balanced. As far as possible without the removal of the wheel bearings, the bearings were judged to be serviceable. New hubcaps were installed front and rear. The rear brake shoe linings were cracked and therefore replaced. The front brake shoe linings were uncracked and judged to be serviceable. After cleaning the rear wheel hub, the final drive and rear wheel drive splines we lubricated before reinstalling the rear wheel. Lubricant had been shifting form the swingarm to the final drive due to a failed pinion shaft seal. Consequently, that seal was replaced. No other final drive oil leakage was noted. The installed Flanders sidestand was removed and replaced with an OEM sidestand. The headers and crossover on the machine were judged t be in good condition and left on the machine after lubricating the exhaust flange threads with Nevrseize. New reproduction mufflers were installed. The BMW /5 petcock was disassembled, cleaned, reassembled and reinstalled. The fuel tank interior was in excellent condition and only needed a rinsing with fresh fuel. New fabric covered the fuel lines and fuel filters were installed. The original speedometer cable was replaced. After initial startup of the machine, the carburetors were adjusted and synchronized and the ignition timing dynamically checked. The generator and voltage regulator were judged to be functioning normally. With fresh fuel in the tank, fresh lubricants in all boxes, and new tires on the wheels, this lovey R69 was taken down the road and found to be a delightful ride. The engine makes excellent power, the transmission shifts up and down well and does not pop out of gear and the brakes function as they should. The speedometer and odometer function normally and the generator functions. For sale or trade. We enthusiastically welcome trade offers for other classic or specialty vehicles. Easy financing available. For more information call Tim at 2077106699 or send us an email at info@motorlandamerica.com

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