1961 Corvair Lakewood 700 Wagon--SOLD (Maine) - $0

1961 Corvair Lakewood 700 Wagon--SOLD (Maine) - $0

1961 Chevrolet Corvair Lakewood 700 Wagon For Sale or Trade Multiple award-winning and rare Corvair Lakewood station wagon. In fact, the wagon is the least common of all Corvair body styles. The Lakewood name was used only in 1961. Despite its practicality, the wagon was never a big hit with Corvair buyers; although Chevrolet had aimed its economical, air-cooled compact squarely at the Volkswagen market, buyers preferred to think of it as a sporty car. When the Corvair convertible was introduced in the middle of the 1962 model year, the wagon was killed off, its market niche filled by the new Chevy II wagon. This car was fully restored in 2007, this charming red wagon was invited to the Hemmings Concours d'Elegance in 2010. It features the upgraded and rare 4-speed manual transmission option (the base model was 3-speed, with a Poweglide automatic also available). The 4-speed is like driving a sports car that's also a station wagon. The car is also featured in the Hollywood movie, "Labor Day" with Kate Winslet, Josh Brolin and Toby Maguire Finished in Roman Red with complimentary red and black vinyl/fabric interior. GM brochures from '61 described the Lakewood: "The only Wagon with plenty of cargo space plus a key-locking front trunk! The new Lakewood, with it's engine in the rear, combines the cargo-carrying capacity and versatility of a wagon with a 10-cu. ft. front trunk. In addition, it's freshly styled, beautifully trimmed and 6-passengers big. The Lakewood comes in two models, both with 4-door convenience, and features a one-piece liftgate. With second seat folded down the Lakewood has 58 cu. ft of load space." VIN 10735W265655 decodes as follows: 1=1961 07=700 upgraded trim package 35=Station Wagon W=Willow Run, Michigan production plant 265655=Vehicle Number The Corvair Lakewood is a 4 door station wagon produced by Chevrolet in the 1961 and 1962 model years only, making it one of America's rarest post-war wagons. Power came from the Corvair's rear engine with 146 cu.in. displacement which developed 80 bhp @ 4,400 rpm. In a 2013 feature about the Corvair Lakewood, Hemmings Motor News wrote: "The Corvair Lakewood station wagon, which was in production for a little less than two years, is a versatile, appealing and seldom-seen interpretation of Chevrolet's character-filled, air-cooled compact. This car is an ideal collector car for active people on the go, as well as those who are frugal, environmentally conscious or handy to the point that they need to haul cargo regularly. Yep, the Corvair Lakewood meets all those needs, and a whole lot more. While their values may have increased in recent years, they are still very affordable for the majority of collector car buyers. The only issue may be finding one, as their short production run meant that there aren't that many around today. All told, 33,271 Corvair station wagons were built; 26,920 for the 1961 model year... Besides their affordability, for the do-it-yourself mechanic these cars are an absolute dream. Just about every part for Corvairs has been reproduced, including floor pans, body panels, and most interior and exterior trim parts...As to mechanical and electrical components, there probably isn't any part that can't be bought brand-new. And the fact that they are so easy to work on makes owning one very enjoyable. Because of their air-cooled engines, they are very reliable and durable cars. And whenever something does go wrong, it usually isn't major, and can be repaired quickly and easily. With two engines available, the 80hp Turbo-Air and the 98hp Super Turbo Air-neither of which, in spite of the name, is turbocharged-these flat six-cylinders are fairly economical to run, regularly returning mileage in the mid-20s... Yet the Lakewood's most pleasing feature is its interior, which is fitted with a very stylish and attractive dashboard. With the rear seats folded down, there's plenty of cargo space...It can even accommodate two adults in case the campgrounds at the race track are already full. Best of all, these Lakewoods are simply fun to drive. They shift easily, have just enough power to get you in trouble, and are fitted with respectable drum brakes that stop the car quickly. Their rear swing-axle design gives them a very comfortable ride...the beauty of owning a Corvair station wagon: They challenge you, but in a positive way. No wonder they remain one of America's best-loved automobiles."

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Odometer 52500
Paint Roman Red
Chrome & Trim Restored
VIN 10735W265655
Body 4 Door Station Wagon
Glass Non Power Rolldown (Safety)
Tires Fortune Radial
Wheel Covers Hubcap
Upholstery Red and Black Fabric
Door Panels Red Vinyl
Headliner White Vinyl
Floor Red Loop Carpet
Steering Wheel Original Unrestored (Non-Power)
Engine 80 HP Flat Six
Brakes 4 Wheel Drum (Non-Power)
Transmission 4 Speed Manual
Fuel Dual 2 barrel carberators
Exhaust Single Pipe
Battery 12 volt

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