1978 Fiat 131 Super Brava--SOLD (Maine) - $0

1978 Fiat 131 Super Brava--SOLD (Maine) - $0

1978 Fiat 131 Super Brava For Sale or Trade Finished in Green with Butterscotch Velour interior. Powered by 1756cc DOHC I4 rated at 83HP mated to five speed manual transmission. Pioneer after-market AM/FM. Air Conditioning. Door panels have been repaired and installed. Here's some published background on the Fiat 131: Used steel monocoque bodywork for its three-box design and used a front engine, rear-wheel drive layout, where the engine is longitudinally front-mounted. The gearbox is directly behind the engine, and a tubular propeller shaft, under the transmission "tunnel", transmits the drive to a solid live rear axle. The engines were all inline-four types, derived from those used in the outgoing 124 range, with a cast iron cylinder block and aluminium alloy cylinder head. Initially the 131 was offered only with pushrod valve gear, which offered the innovation of being the worldwide first engine with OHV valve gear and a belt driven camshaft. Only later in the model’s life came the well known double overhead camshaft (DOHC) engines which used a toothed timing belt. Fuel supply was via a single Weber ADF twin-choke carburettor, fed from a trunk mounted steel fuel tank. Traditional contact breaker ignition systems were used, usually with Marelli distributors. The suspension system utilised fully independent front suspension, with MacPherson struts, track control arms and anti-roll bar. The rear suspension was quite advanced (when using a solid live rear axle), in that the rear axle was controlled by double unequal length trailing arms and a panhard rod, with coil springs and direct acting dampers. This design proved far superior to many of its contemporaries, especially with vehicle stability and handling. The braking system was also typical; the front brakes were disc brakes, using a solid iron disc and a single-piston sliding caliper. The rears were drum brakes (a technological backwards step from the 124, which used discs all round), utilising leading and trailing shoe design operated by a dual piston fixed slave cylinder. They were operated hydraulically, with a tandem master cylinder assisted by a vacuum servo using two separate circuits. A rear-mounted load sensing valve varied the bias of effort applied to the rear brakes, dependent on the load being carried (and also the pitch dynamics caused by braking effort and road levels). A centrally located floor mounted handbrake operated on the rear axle using bowden cables.

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Odometer 69200
Paint Green Metallic
VIN 131A30392497
Tires Yokohama AV/D T4 Radial
Wheel Covers Sport Wheels
Upholstery Butterscotch Velour Fabric
Door Panels Black Vinyl with Butterscotch Velour Inset
Engine 1756cc DOHC I4 (83hp)
Transmission 5 Speed Manual
Battery 12 Volt

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