1961 Studebaker Lark 8 Regal Cruiser--SOLD (Brasil) - $0

1961 Studebaker Lark 8 Regal Cruiser--SOLD (Brasil) - $0

This Lark Regal Cruiser is powered by a peppy V8 motor. Finished in Sudan Beige exterior, with a complimentary largely original interior. The seats have been reupholstered professionally with plastic seat covers. This car has an after-market push-button starter. Here some history on the popular Lark, that breathed new life into Studebaker and helped it keep going for a few more years: "At the time the Lark was conceived, Studebaker-Packard Corporation was under a management contract with Curtiss-Wright Aircraft Company. Studebaker-Packard had been losing money for a few years when company president Harold E. Churchill came up with the idea of abandoning the full-size car market in favor of building a new compact car that he hoped would save the company. The Lark was ingeniously designed around the core bodyshell of the full-sized 1953–1958 Studebakers. By reducing the front and rear overhangs and shortening the wheelbase ahead of the firewall, the car could still seat six people comfortably and hold a surprising amount of luggage. It was hoped that the new model would save America's oldest vehicle manufacturer when it was launched in the fall of 1958 as a 1959 model, much like the 1939 Studebaker Champion had saved the company in the years prior to World War II. In fact, it was the Champion which Churchill specifically took as his inspiration for the Lark. Two series of Larks were available, the Lark VI and the Lark VIII, both designations indicated engine type of the cars. Both series were available in "Deluxe" and "Regal" trim levels. With its simple grille, minimal and tasteful use of chrome and clean lines, the Lark "flew" in the face of most of the established "longer, lower and wider" styling norms fostered by Detroit's "Big Three" automakers (General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler). Studebaker's 1957-58 Scotsman had proved the existence of a demand for a less-flashy automobile, and while the Lark was not nearly so undecorated as the Scotsman, it was unmistakably purer of line than anything Detroit would offer for 1959, save the Rambler American.

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Odometer 26866 (TMU)
Paint Sudan Beige
VIN 61V-8232
Engine Studebaker 259 V8 (4.2L)
Transmission Automatic
Battery 12 Volt

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