1992 Subaru SVX--SOLD (Kentucky) - $0

1992 Subaru SVX--SOLD (Kentucky) - $0

Rarely seen survivor, the world's most expensive Subaru--the SVX was a two-door grand tourer coupé . Produced from 1991 to December 1996, it was FHI's first attempt to enter the luxury/performance car market. Its intention was to combine two seemingly contradictory elements—comfort and performance. Subaru introduced the SVX in the United States in July 1991 (as a 1992 model), following up the US debut with a Japanese market introduction in September of that same year. The model was designed and marketed as the replacement for their aging, envelope pushing Alcyone XT and Alcyone XT6 coupes. Outside Japan, the Alcyone designation was dropped, and the car was marketed as the Subaru SVX. The 1992 Subaru Legacy was given a facelift that strongly resembles the SVX, introducing a visual similarity between Subaru's top level vehicles. Many of the color choices on the Legacy mirrored those offered on the SVX. The introduction of the SVX followed the 1990 introduction of the Acura NSX, and the 1980 introduction of the Isuzu Piazza, as it appeared that Subaru was following Honda's and Isuzu's lead in introducing new products with an emphasis on performance and luxury, which were not previously associated with either Honda, Isuzu, or Subaru in the past, which reflected the state of the Japanese economy before the economic downturn in 1991 called the "bubble economy". The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the US base model 1992 SVX-L was $24,445, with the top of the line model with touring package (leather trim, 8 way electronic seat adjustment, tilt and slide sunroof), the LS-L, listing at $28,000. This was $8,000–$11,000 higher than any previous Subaru. A rear spoiler was optional on the 1992 L and LS-L models and was included as standard equipment beginning in 1993. Soon after the SVX entered production, Subaru began to realize that the high selling price of the SVX was giving some buyers "sticker shock". Due to the SVX's introductory high price, and the fact that it had made its debut during an economic recession, sales in the United States were sluggish; just 5,280 cars were sold in 1992 and 3,859 cars in 1993. Subaru intended to sell 10,000 SVX's each year. Although ending production in December 1996, allowing for transit time before the final cars arrived in North America, meant sales continued into 1997, with 640 units sold in the final year.

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