1988 GAZ Volga 24-10--SOLD (California) - $0

1988 GAZ Volga 24-10--SOLD (California) - $0

For Sale or Trade 1988 GAZ Volga 24-10 sedan from Russia. From 1985 to 1992 GAZ produced an improved version, simplified for large scale manufacturing - GAZ-24-10. This car was GAZ-24 body with improved 98 hp (73 kW) engine, revised mechanicals, heavily modified interior [14] and many exterior differences (different headlights, flush door handles reducing the risk of pedestrian injury, ventless front doors, bumpers without bumper guards, plastic grille, plastic "aerodynamic" hubcaps, fewer bright metal parts, and so on). In 1982, GAZ introduced the third generation of the Volga the GAZ-3102. However, this car was limited to the public and production of the old series continued, lacking a suitable replacement GAZ undertook a deep upgrade of the -24, utilizing many of the -3102 features. This resulted in an entirely new car, which was produced right up to the early 1990s. The most significant impact of the car was that unlike the -3102 which was sold primarily for state institutions and corporations, the GAZ-24-10 was exactly opposite, which meant that many private owners wishing for a mid-size car could now acquire one with relative ease. However, overall, even at its introduction the car was very out of date compared with its western rivals and production ceased in 1992. According to GAZ 1,481,561, cars of the -24 series were produced from 1970 until 1992 making it the highest in history of the plant. This 1988 Volga 2410 was produced at the end of Soviet era, when everything became a little more allowed and a little more affordable. It was purchased brand new and owned by a Lead Engineer of one of Leningrad (now - St. Petersburg) plants, but due to Leningrad's excellent public transportation network, barely driven. This Volga's low mileage could have been even lower if not a journey to Germany that a grandson of the original owner undertook in May 2012. Volga went out of its garage and safely returned there ten days later after the trip, which it accomplished without a single roadside repair proving its Soviet quality. In Europe this Volga gathered lots of thumbs-up from passers-by, and even several purchase offers, which were luckily rejected, so that now we can offer it to you. This Volga is a perfect piece of Soviet luxury that will take you anywhere in style and comfort, attracting even more attention from other road users. Included with this Volga are the following: Complete set of rubber floor mats Additional set of hubcaps Spare gaskets, moldings, and more.

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Odometer 30350
Paint Pale Blue Gray
VIN XTH241017048288
Steering Wheel Power Steering
Engine 2.5 L ZMZ 24 I4
Brakes Power Brakes
Transmission 4 Speed Manual

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